The Frederick Turner Prize

The Frederick Turner Prize is awarded by a select committee including major international literary and academic judges chosen by the Mundus Artium Press editorial board and the editors of Mundus Artium, the international journal founded in 1967. It recognizes an achievement in poetry that combines prophetic insight, beauty, public consequence, formal excellence, and the appropriate match of form and content.

The prize is given in honor of the poet, scholar, and translator Frederick Turner, and reflects the values he represents: the fundamental role of beauty as embedded in the evolution of the universe, the complementarity of the sciences and the arts, the natural basis of spirit and morality, and the idea of a world classicism that conserves, extends and redeems the tragicomic history of the human race.

The prize is commemorated by a handsome medal and includes an award of $1,000 and a diploma. It will be delivered by international express mail and will be accompanied by publicity in the form of a prominent notice in the Mundus Artium Press website (, and an article in Mundus Artium itself.

Nominations, due by December 31st each year, are invited both from established literary writers and scholars and from the general reading public. The Mundus Artium prize committee will normally announce the prize in February and award it during Poetry Week each year in April. The prize will carry a monetary award and be marked by a diploma, a medal, and an article in the journal and its website.

Turner Prize Laureates

2024 - Annemarie Estor (The Netherlands)
2023 - Mai Văn Phấn (Vietnam)