MAP Leadership

Frederick Turner
Founders Professor in the School of Arts and Humanities (emeritus),
University of Texas at Dallas

Gjekë Marinaj, PhD
Cell: (214) 783-3116

Legal Matters
Len Faseler
Attorney At Law
Office: (972) 422-9161

Sales & Marketing
Tim Green, PhD
Marketing & Sales Manager
(214) 810-8614 (int. 12)

Managing Editor
David Leitnick
Managing Editor
(405) 225-7530

Editorial Advisor
James Manteith
Editorial Advisor
(831) 674-3457

Darla E. Spek, MA
Director of Production and Design
(214) 810-8614 (int. 14)

Director of Digital Publishing
Diana Salerno
Director of Digital Publishing
(214) 810-8614 (int. 15)

Finance & Operations
Karla Benet
Director of Finance & Operations
(214) 810-8614 (int. 16)

Distribution Coordinator
Amanda G. Cohen
Distribution Coordinator
(214) 810-8614 (int. 15)

Warehouse Supervisor
Mike McLemore
Warehouse Supervisor
(214) 810-8614 (int. 18)
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Mundus Artium Press is an independent publisher since 1967

The Mundus Artium Press was founded by Professor Rainer Schulte at Ohio University in 1967. It is a not-for-profit organization.

The original mission of the journal and the press was to highlight contemporary international writers, who had previously not been published in English.

The press continues its commitment to present international voices in translation with an enlarged mission and new inspiration under its present Director, Gjeke Marinaj and its new President, Frederick Turner.

Marinaj is a poet of international acclaim, an editor, publisher and critic, and the founder of the critical approach known as Protonism. He has created an international web of contacts, collaborators and followers. He is also recognized as a world leader in the field of human liberation and solidarity.

Turner is an internationally known poet, thinker, scholar, critic, science fiction author, and translator, who has been a nominee for the Nobel Prize in Literature for the last two or three decades.
Recognized as an authority on poetic form, the philosophy of time, the neuroscience of esthetics, environmental philosophy, Shakespeare, world epic, and translation, he brings to the Press both experience and a wealth of new perspectives.

The Press finds itself in a world whose challenges and opportunities are increasingly global, and whose scientific, technolo-gical, political and economic powers have been greatly enlarged by digital technology. These changes have been at some cost to our deepest human ideals. New visions and a recovery of enduring values are called for, and the articulative, unifying, and prophetic powers of literature are more in demand than ever.

The Mundus Artium team is dedicated to a renewal of an ancient literary conver-sation around the world.

The Press's main facilities--the physical press, the Turner library and research center, and editorial offices--are located in Clayton, Oklahoma. It also has offices in downtown Dallas and the University of Texas at Dallas.