Frederick Turner to Serve as President for the Mundus Artium Press

Mundus Artium Press announces the appointment of Frederick Turner as its new president. Frederick Turner is an internationally known poet, thinker, scholar, critic, science fiction author and translator.

Over the past few decades, Professor Turner has received multiple nominations for the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Recognized as an authority on poetic form, the philosophy of time, the neuroscience of aesthetics, environmental philosophy, Shakespeare, world epics and translation, Professor Turner brings extensive experience and new perspectives to his position with the publisher.

Gjekë Marinaj, Director of the Mundus Artium Press, commented, "Professor Turner’s new role as our president is by far the greatest news in the history of the Mundus Artium Press. His unparalleled work ethic, gratitude, professionalism and love for literature are of immense importance to all of us. He brings vital editorial and managerial experience, deep literary, philosophical and scientific expertise, and above all a highly welcome sense of honor to our team."

In explaining the decision to accept his position as the publisher's president, Professor Turner noted, "I have been an admirer of the Mundus Artium Press for many years. Under the directorship of Rainer Schulte and now the remarkable poet and thinker Gjekë Marinaj, it has gone from strength to strength in its celebration and promulgation of the literary achievement of the human race. I see myself as a resource for our director to draw on in exploring the huge field of human literary endeavor, and as his adviser on the Press's artistic and cultural mission."

The Mundus Artium Press and Mundus Artium: A Journal of International Literature and the Arts were both founded by Professor Rainer Schulte at Ohio University in 1967.

The mission of the journal and the press was to highlight contemporary international writers not previously published in English.

Currently based in Texas and Oklahoma, the press and the revived journal continue their commitment to presenting international voices in translation, now using digital technology as a means to reach more readers.